51 Lokalna Street
04-903 Warsaw

Ph. +48 22 872-08-03
Fax +48 22 872-10-15

Location & Directions
The hostel is located in Warsaw-Miedzeszyn in the district of Warsaw Wawer in the area of 5.5 ha of the Mazovian Landscape Park. The access from the centre of Warsaw takes ca. 30 min. There are forest recreation areas and volley-ball and basket-ball grounds there. There are also natural conditions to organise a bonfire, barbecue, and discotheque. The hostel also has its own gastronomic facilities, along with a restaurant hall, with a possibility to prepare and offer full-board. The hostel is open all the year round. It is entered in the register of the Polish Association of Youth Hostels and Hostelling International.
Directions from Central Railway Station
1. Local train from Warszawa ¦ródmie¶cie to Warszawa Miedzeszyn station or Falenica station.
2. City bus no. 521 from Jerozolimskie Avenue (oposite Central Railway Station) to Prasowa street bus stop.
3. Private buses: Arka, Wilga, Minibus from Emilia Plater street to Prasowa street bus stop.
Directions from Okęcie Airport
- City bus no. 175 to the down town and then as above.
Directions from "Prasowa" bus stop to Youth Hostel
- It takes only 8 minutes on foot from the bus stop to the Hostel.